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We specialize in adult medicine and we are able to see patients from the age of 15 years.
We accept all major insurance plans and we also arrange payment plans for self pay patients.
Yes, one of our policies and indeed that of the medical community as a whole is to ensure physicians recognize and treat pain. However we must be able to ascertain the source of the pain within reasonable limits. We do not call in any pain medications or any controlled substances. We will prefer to see patients on a regular basis to ensure the medication is still needed and to comply with state and federal guidelines.
We can handle minor emergencies during business hours. After hours, all cases considered to be an emergency should go to the nearest emergency room for treatment.
Yes we admit at Henry Medical Center as well as Southern Regional Medical Center. Please always let the emergency room staff know Dr. Ode is your physician, so we can take care of you on admission. Do not say Dr. “O” there are numerous other physicians whose names start with an “O”

Our staff will call you with abnormal labs, however Dr. Ode himself will call if he feels it is necessary. We will even call to let you know your labs X-rays etc. are normal. You can also call to follow up on your lab work.
We do complete blood work, urine examination, blood sugar testing, hearing tests, breathing tests, EKG, lower extremity circulation tests and we plan to do X-rays, ultrasounds and bone density studies in the near future.
Our staff will call your refill to your pharmacy of choice. Some medications however cannot be called in by law. Please note that some medications need a re-evaluation before being refilled
This is to reconcile what you are taking with what is in your chart and what might be prescribed for your presenting complaints. If you cannot bring your medications in, please make sure you have the name, dose, frequency and number of refills left on your medication. You should really have a list of your medications with you at all times especially when travelling
Yes we perform annual physicals, pap smears and prostate examinations in our office. We also help to co-ordinate ALL other screening like mammograms and colonoscopies
Dr. Ode’s full name is Abdul Odemuyiwa and he is the physician that founded and runs Advanced Internal Medicine. Dr. Ode started practicing medicine in 1985 in his birth country. On moving to the US he had to repeat his training at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan to become Board Certified in Internal Medicine in the year 2000. He has since been practicing office and hospital based medicine and has a lot of experience in in-patient care.

Apart from the above he has been a certified independent Medical examiner and has carried out several disability evaluations for social security, he is also board certified in hospice and palliative medicine and wound care.

Moreover, Dr. Ode has a Masters degree in Toxicology from the University Of Surrey, United Kingdom and he trained in pathology after graduating from medical school. Dr. Ode got his inspiration from his family, his father was a physician, his mother is a retired midwife and his elder brother a Cardiologist. Coming from this background the practice of medicine is almost second nature. He loves the practice of Medicine and he does a good job of it.

He has volunteered his services in various health fairs and he is very interested in the maintenance of people’s health.

Dr. Ode is married and blessed with two daughters.