Dr. Abdul Odemuyiwa

I was born into a medical family. My father was a general practitioner and my mother a midwife. Together, they delivered several children in my neighborhood and my father took care of them from the cradle to the grave. My brother is a Cardiologist in the U.K. and medicine came naturally to me. I am committed to assisting patients who care about their own health. I am passionate about physicians communicating with patients in a language they understand. Each patient of mine is educated about his condition and exactly why I ordered a test or a certain medication.

I ensure the visit is a dialogue and not just one full of instructions. I am always willing to hear the patient point of view. I am the author of a medical self-help book. I take care of people like I want to be cared for. After all, aren’t we all patients now or sometime later? We welcome patients that see other doctors and want a second opinion, just as we encourage our patients to seek second opinions. After all, no one has a monopoly of knowledge.