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About Us

Advanced Internal Medicine takes the art of practicing medicine very seriously, since its inception in 2002 we have provided care to a wide range of patients. We are internal medicine specialists and we pride ourselves in delivering personalized care, we are experienced in both out-patient and in-patient care.

Our Mission is to provide quality care to patients in a way they understand at the lowest possible cost.

Our patients are partners in the provision of their healthcare. We listen to our patients and their family members in the course of providing care and ensure we are all on the same page before proceeding with the care plan. We ensure that every alternative treatment is explored and all questions are answered before implementing any plans.

Our policy is to treat every client the way we want to be treated and each patient is considered part of our medical family.

Client overall healthcare is our concern and we encourage all our patients to take their health seriously and pay attention to their body more than they usually do.

Our physicians are always accessible to you. They combine excellent old fashioned bedside manners with today’s technology to give you the best care.

Our staff is friendly and they have been with us right from the start. We return every phone call and review every lab result with our patients, so they understand the rationale for all our decisions. We take care of ALL our patients when they are admitted to the hospital and keep the family informed every step of the way so they never have to ask ‘What’s going on with our family member’

We treat all adult diseases conveniently in our office and refer special cases to specialists we trust, most of whom we have used or have trusted with the care of our family.

We get feedback from both patients and specialists to ensure continuity of care.

Now that you know us, wouldn’t you like us to be your primary care provider?